Real Madrid Club de Fútbol in a joint venture with Naba’a Alsalman Multi Investment Group and The PRO Company, has granted the group the official authorization to represent Real Madrid TV (RMTV) in the Middle East region. RMTV is a broadcasting television channel operated by Real Madrid and specializes in the La Liga football club. RMTV offers exclusive content to their fans with players and staff interviews, classic matches, football news and all the team’s La Liga matches, plus many more programs. This deal encompasses a new milestone for RMTV – bringing the world’s largest and most pervasive club one step closer to its Middle Eastern fanbase.

The PRO Company, an internationally integrated sports, entertainment, marketing and media agency, will take responsibility to partner with regional broadcasters and OTT platforms to feature the world’s largest football club TV.

The Los Blancos have chosen the group as their strategic partners due to The PRO Company having a proven track record of utilising the emotional power of sports to create pioneering and lasting effects in the Middle East. Moreover, Naba’a Alsalman Multi investment Group is an international investment group with operations in Europe and Middle-East and the official owner of Real Madrid Fundacion academy in Iraq. Together as part of the arrangement, the partners’ purpose is to aid RMTV in venturing into new markets and connect the legendary Spanish powerhouse with its global audience across the MENA region.


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