The PRO Company Announces Padel In Tour Presented by PRO in Riyadh 2023

The PRO Company is thrilled to unveil an exciting addition to its portfolio of sporting events – the Padel In Tour Presented by PRO. This dynamic event is set to take place in the city of Riyadh on 31st August – 2nd of September  2023, marking an important milestone in The PRO Company’s expansion strategy within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Padel In Tour Presented by PRO is a testament to The PRO Company’s commitment to bringing world-class sports experiences to new frontiers. With padel rapidly gaining popularity as a social and competitive sport, this tour aims to captivate the hearts of sports enthusiasts across Riyadh and beyond.

The tour promises an engaging fusion of thrilling padel matches, interactive fan experiences, and a vibrant atmosphere. As part of The PRO Company’s commitment to creating memorable moments and attendees can expect a unique experience.

Our expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revolves around strategic local partnerships, customized offerings, and immersive experiences. By engaging with local talent, tailoring our content, and collaborating with regional influencers, shaping a dynamic presence that resonates with diverse communities. Through this approach, we’re excited to enrich Saudi Arabia’s sports landscape while creating memorable moments for enthusiasts nationwide.

The PRO Company continues to pave the way for innovative sports experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. With a track record of successful events and partnerships, the Padel In Tour Presented by PRO is poised to elevate Riyadh’s sports calendar to new heights.

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