The PRO Company Named Official Marketing Partner of the Arab Padel Federation

DUBAI, 1st September – The PRO Company is thrilled to announce its prestigious partnership with the newly established Arab Padel Federation (APF), solidifying our role as the official marketing partner for this groundbreaking initiative. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in promoting and developing the sport of padel across the Arab region.

Padel has been gaining momentum worldwide, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of sports fans everywhere. The Arab Padel Federation, newly founded to spearhead the growth of padel within the Arab world, is poised to be a driving force in advancing the sport.

The PRO Company, known for its expertise in strategic marketing and branding, is committed to enhancing the visibility and appeal of padel in the Arab region through its partnership with the APF.

This partnership represents a commitment from The PRO Company to the success of the Arab Padel Federation and its mission of bringing padel to the forefront of the Arab sporting landscape.

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